Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another LoveTown Opportunity

We all know that love comes in many forms . . . with forgiveness being one of the most important!

Oprah wants to help you find that forgiveness that you've needed for so long . . . or maybe the forgiveness that you've needed to give for so long! Now is your chance to make it happen. The producers of the Lovetown USA show want you to be a part of this magical series. If you have a situation with a friend, co-worker, church member, family member or someone else and would like help in resolving it, contact Sean Hetherington, a Lovetown USA Producer, directly at (310)804-7326 or Rachel Schober, Woodbine's Lovetown USA representative, at (912)322-1579 or rschober1@gmail.com.

If your situation is chosen, you and the others involved will be asked to participate in a mediation session that will be filmed and subsequently used by the producers of the show.

Time is of the essence!!!! You must contact either Mr. Hetherington or Ms. Schober by 9:00 p.m. tonight. That's right, TONIGHT!!!

Don't miss this opportunity at forgiveness! It could change your life!

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